On Friday, November 7th and
Saturday, November, 8th, 2014, Iowa
Paranormal traveled to Fort Madison,
Iowa to investigate the Kingsley Inn!
 The building was originally constructed
in the 1850's. It was then the Troy
Laundry Co. In the early 90's during
renovations, the building was renamed
in honor of Lt. Alpha Kingsley, who
established Fort Madison in 1804.
    The Inn has over 18 rooms and suites with a front row
seat overlooking the Mississippi river. The three-story
Italianate-style structure impresses with it's Victorian-era
decor with period antiques.

Panorama view of Govenor's Suite Living Room
 When contacted, we, like always, tried to figure out why the place had activity. Some
of the reports were of people seeing shadows, hearing unexplained voices, footsteps,
uneasy feelings, etc. Over the weekend we were able to talk to several guest who had
strange happenings there as well.
 We were informed that one of the previous owners of the building had committed
suicide in one of the rooms. So there is one possibility of a haunting. Another
RUMOR is that the old fur room/cellar below the Inn housed slaves at one time.
 Another very good possibility as to why so much activity has
happened recently would be all the renovations in the past year.
Some of the renovations and remodeling included
-new boilers being installed
-Heating vents in the ceiling replaced
-adding access paneling in the bathrooms for easier maintenance
n the future.
-All of the bathrooms required some sort of tile work on the floor
and several got retiled entirely. Some bathrooms also were
repainted, got new backsplashes and pipes.
-Many guest rooms received new carpet, while a new hardwood
floor was installed in one guest room.
-The club room on the first floor received new window treatments, a
billiard table and an oak plank floor.
(Info courtesy of The Hawk Eye)
Members present for Kingsley Inn Investigation:
Amber, Steven, and Sheldon
 Friday night was for our own investigation...just Amber, Sheldon, and Steven.
Romero's Restaurant is actually connected to the Kingsley Inn...it is the large
section on the left hand side of the building. Many reports are from both the
restaurant and the Inn. Immediately when we began the investigation Friday
night, we started in Romeros. One of the reports was of seeing a apparition
where the patrons sit. There were two employees still cleaning up at the bar. As
we sat down in a booth to start investigating, we all three heard a noise. I had
Amber instantly go tell Sheldon what she heard, and then I told Sheldon what I
heard. We all heard the same...which sounded like a little girl laughing.
Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the two employees still talking. We have it
on video, however it's too tough to say if it was the employees or something
The area where we heard the voice.
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