Our first investigation of 2016! January 23rd, Patrick and I investigated a local
private residence. We had actually been here before way back in 2010. The
family...a mother, son, and daughter, have had activity pick up in the last few
months. They were constantly hearing unexplained footsteps walking around in the
middle of the night. Electronics were going off and on by themselves for no
apparent reason. One toy car that required batteries even was turning on when
there were no batteries in the vehicle. Items were disappearing and then
reappearing later on without any idea how they got to where they were.
For the investigation, beings it was a local case and with short notice, Patrick and I
were able to handle the case on our own. It is a single story home so that helped in
terms of focusing on a single floor. We were able to deploy our Flir thermal camera
for the first time.
 We tried many experiments. The house was once a bar, with which the
bar table top is still intact. We poured a shot of liquer to see if maybe
whoever or whatever may be there was a former patron of the bar. We
asked if he/she/it may be able to move the shot glass, however it did not
Steven asking whoever may be there to move the shot glass
 We tried our short burst evp sessions as well.
When playing them back, we were unable to
clearly make out any definitive answers.
 It wasn't until later on in the investigation till something very
interesting happened. Patrick's camera instantly dropped in battery
life. Keep in mind that both myself (Steven) and Patrick have brand
new 2000.00 dollar cameras. Once Pat's camera hit 40 minutes, it
began a nonstop drop in life until hit shutoff. As you will see in the
video below, shortly after his battery dies, my camera experiences
a short glitch. Never had these battery drainages or glitchs with
these cameras before or even after this investigation. What adds to
the intrigue is a few minutes later, after Pat changes batteries and
we began to investigate again, we hear what sounds like a little girls
voice or a whistle coming from behind us! We went to check out the
spot and there was no explanation for it. If you add all three of
those events in such a short amount of time, it seems very odd.
This investigation is still ongoing. We plan on this summer of
revisiting the home. The next time however, our plan is to
monitor the home from outside. We will be running some of our
DVR cameras, Flir thermal camera, and a voice recorder at that
time via live feed so if there are any odd events inside, we can
immediatley go in and check it out. Stay tuned!