About Us
Ever wonder what was left behind to tell the stories of families, factory
workers, soldiers, entertainers, prisoners, and caregivers? These untold
stories are what has driven Iowa Paranormal to research and investigate some
of the most prominent and hauntingly familiar locations in America's Heartland.
Iowa Paranormal has not only made a name for themselves chasing spirits,
but are willing to brave the elements in -10 degree to 110 degree temperatures
in order to answer the questions, "Are we alone?" and "Why is Bigfoot always
Officially founded in 2008 by Steven and Amber Tracy, Iowa Paranormal has
over 10 years of experience in researching paranormal phenomena. Our
seasoned investigators bring not only integrity to the group, but also an
unwavering desire to help those who are in need.
Founder Steven Tracy with Troy Taylor at the Villisca Axe
Murder House. Troy is a paranormal author and founder of
the American Ghost Society.