On April 9th, 2011, Iowa Paranormal traveled to Cherokee, Iowa to
investigate the American Theater. Our friends at Mid-Iowa Paranormal had
investigated the theater and had some great experiences that we decided
to check it out.
The theater was built in 1920. The men building it ran out of money before it
was completed. A few years later, a man by the name of Dale Goldie
bought it.
The basement housed civil defense supplies. Many of these barrels are still
in the basement and unopened.
There have been no reported deaths in the theater, however many people
believe that the spirit of Dale and his wife, Hazel, still roam the theater.
Some of the reports of paranormal activity that have occurred are the
theater seats going up and down on their own. Employees seeing shadow
people. Hearing unexplained footsteps and noises.
Members present were Steven, Patrick, Tony, Samantha, and Sarah. There
were three other people there as well. The theatre manager, her grandson,
and another employee, Amanda.
Here is our evidence video. At one point, Samantha and Patrick are in
Theater 1 and you hear a voice say "Dont go in there" or "Dont go up
there". We thought it could of been Patrick. Sounds just like him. However,
on Samantha's recorder, which was a foot away from Patrick, this voice
was not even captured. We are still in the air about it. Let us know what
you think. And shortly after that, a few minutes later, after Patrick ask a
question, they get a "yes" response.
Another time, Steven and Amanda were in theater 3. As they are at the top
of the seats getting ready to sit down, they hear what sounds like a ball
bouncing or woman moaning. And one of the reports is of what sounds like
a ball bouncing around. They both heard it at the time it happened. Steven
went down to try to recreate the noise, but could not find the source.
At the end of the night, as we are wrapping up, Steven and Samantha hear
a scream come from downstairs. They both run down there and find no
one. After reviewing the evidence, you hear what sounds like a woman
screaming. We however are unsure if thats what it was, or the pipes
downstairs squeaking.
Due to capturing some pieces of evidence that we are 50/50 about, Iowa
Paranormal are planning to return in the near future.