For the past several years, I have had several email's and online
messages about the old elementary school in Bloomfield, Iowa.
     Living within 30 minutes of this school, i have recently
asked myself why I waited so many years to try to gain
access into this place? I wish I knew. The only thing I can
think is we were so busy with so many other locations,
that I somehow just let this one continually slip by. Early to
mid 2016, I was able to get into contact with the current
owner. This individual had only owned it for a few months
before I spoke with them and were gracious enough to
allow us in for a night.
     I spoke to the previous owner of the school...asking
him if he thought the place was haunted and why. He
believed 100% that it was and provided me some
additional info....
     Constructed in 1903, the school housed both
elementary and high school students until the new high
school was built in 1923. Another wing was added to the
school in the mid 50's and opened in the fall of 1954.
A school was built on the property in 1875 before this one was built there. Here are
a few pics of the older school as well as a picture of where the old school stood in
relation to this one.
      So what are the claims? One of the most common claims was that of a shadow figure
on the top floor. People hearing voices after hours. Doors opening and closing on their
own. When I asked the previous owner if had any experiences, he shared some stories...
     He owned the building for 4 years before selling it in 2016. He made a habit after
locking up for the evening to say goodnight out loud to whoever may still be lingering in
the halls. He would hear doors opening and closing on their own, lights would turn off and
on without any explanation. He even seen the shadow figure in the newer wing one night.
       Our investigation that night proved to us that something
strange was roaming the hallways. Here is our first clip that
happens on the top floor. We were all sitting on the hallway floor
listening when it sounded like a door was opening or closing. It
happens twice. Shortly after, we all hear some sort of child or
woman talking or singing...Very very strange
       This next clip is of Patrick and Samantha. They both are in one of
the classrooms of the newer wing. They are discussing one of their
Ovilus sessions from earlier. As they are, a loud banging sound occurs.
It even sounds like something may be latching immediately after the
        Now this next clip happens right when we are taking a break in the HQ room.
As we are chatting away and getting ready to put the equipment down, Samantha
looks behind Patrick and sees a figure out in the hallway walk into a room! This
clip does not capture the figure but shows Samantha reacting to seeing it.
       What is great about this experience is what happened a day after this
investigation. As we announced where we investigated the day after, I
received an email from a lady. Several years ago she had rented out one of
the classrooms for her own store in the school. This event happened in
November of 2014. She was closing down for the night. No one else was in
the building but her and a friend. She needed to use the restroom (which is in
the basement). Her friend waited for her out in the hallway. As she was in the
restroom, she heard a woman talking or singing. She just assumed it was her
friend in the hallway. When she got back out into the hallway, her friend was
frozen still. She asked if it was her talking to which her friend said that it was
not. However her friend felt absolutely cold come across her as she was in the
restroom. Her friend was right by the doorway to the room Samantha seen the
figure at!
There were several more times throughout the night where we heard
a woman singing, however on video it was too far away in the
building to capture. We have no doubt this school is full of activity.
As to who or why, we cannot answer that just yet. We do plan on
returning in 2017 to see if we can solve some of these
questions...Stay tuned!