We were asked to come check out this amazing house. It was built in
1909. With over 10,000 square feet and 22 rooms, we knew this was
going to be a challenge. On February 21st 2009, we investigated this
huge mansion. Reports from the employees were hearing
conversations as no one was around to one employee seeing the
spirit of a small girl walking around. After we set up all our equipment,
we hit it hard. With so many rooms and floors, it was a little difficult to
find our way around, but we managed. We did get some EMF spikes,
only to find the electrical box located directly underneath the room
where the reading were coming from in the basement. Patrick at one
point swore he seen a tall man for a second appear. He was very
descriptive with the facial features. Some members seen shadows,
but nothing was caught on evidence. I still believe there is something
there, we just need to get into this place again.
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