In 2009, Iowa Paranormal investigated The Villisca
Axe Murder House for the first time. We also had
the opportunity to investigate some of the old Fort
Des Moines Army Barracks and more!
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Some of the locations Iowa Paranormal
investigated in 2010, were the Appanoose country
club, Squirrel Cage Jail, several private
residences, and the Farrar Schoolhouse!
Some great locations this year. Our first
investigation at the American Theatre in
Cherokee, Iowa! Plus we returned to several
locations...several which were in our hometown
including the old Mapo's restaurant, Bradley Hall,
and The Columns!
A slow year in terms of amount of cases for this
year. However this was the year that we were able
for the first time ever that we had the chance to
investigate one of the holy grails of locations here in
Iowa....The old St. Joseph Hospital in Ottumwa, Iowa!
2013 was a great year! Returned to a few great
locations, such as The Columns, Bradley Hall, and
more...Also, first the first time, investigated the
amazing Edinburgh Manor...and caught some great
Another awesome year! Several great bigfoot
excursions along with a return to Edinburgh
Manor! Iowa Paranormal also did a first....a
grocery store!...And to top it off, we investigated
the historic Kingsley Inn in Fort Madison, Iowa!
We returned to the Kingsley Inn this year along with
a long anticipated return to the Farrar Schoolhouse!
We also did a public event at Farrar with special
guest Adam Berry from the show Ghost Hunters!!!
Our first investigation of 2016 took us back to a
local private residence. We also held our much
anticipated Edinburgh Manor public event!
2017 Investigations
Iowa Paranormal started off the year with a Bigfoot
excursion that has us on edge! In May, we crossed
down into Missouri to investigate the Missouri State
2018 Investigations
We started off the year with our first investigation at
the old Apollo High School in Burlington, followed by
the first public ghost hunt there as well... We will
also be traveling to Kentucky to investigate Bobby
Mackeys and Waverly Hills!
2019 Investigations
We had a new private residence in Indianola, a
return to Edinburgh Manor, a business in Story
City, and several more Bigfoot Excursions!