The Fort Des Moines Barracks
      On Saturday June 27th, 2009, Iowa Paranormal joined Mid-Iowa Paranormal
to investigate a few of the old Fort Des Moines Barracks. These were privately
owned and we were given permission to investigate a few of the old buildings
along with an old hospital barrack! What originally attracted Robert Sinclair of
Mid-Iowa Paranormal to check these places out was for 1, these are some old
Army Barracks! Truth be told, who would not want to check these places out just
for the history....and 2, Robert was informed by several people, who did not
know each other, about a RUMOR of a prostitute being brought back to the
barracks. An officer was on his way through doing rounds, when SUPPOSEDLY
two soldiers, not wanting to get caught, stuffed the woman into the boiler.
The supposed boiler
Again, this is just a rumor. We have no evidence to back it up...However the
night of our investigation, the teams set a voice recorder in the boiler itself...and
this was captured.....Is this the voice of a woman saying "Don't Leave Me?