2009.....Our first full year as a group. We had yet to do any sort
of Bigfoot investigations....that would soon change. We were
contacted by an elderly man whose name we will not disclose for
privacy reasons. The gentleman lives in the small town of Agency,
Iowa. Agency is just a short distance outside of Ottumwa, Iowa. The
Des Moines River runs near the town as well. He had some strange
experiences in the Fox Hills Wildlife Area. Fox Hills is just a little over
1,300 acres. It sits on the southern side of Agency and runs right along
the Des Moines River. One day while driving down through Fox Hills,
this gentleman spotted a large creature on top of a bluff starring at
him. He described it as being 7-8 feet tall with hair covering its whole
body. Curious, he decided to openly talk about what he had
seen....and to his surprise, other people seen something similar.
      A man who lives right across the road from where the creature
was spotted told a very interesting story. When he first bought the
house, the very last words that the previous owner said to him was,
"I've seen alot of things down here and I've heard alot of things down
here, but if you don't mess with Bigfoot, then he won't mess with you".
      Wow!!! The home owner also told of a man that lived on the
south side of the Des Moines River that told of one evening while
driving, he seen a large hairy creature dragging something large by its
leg and entering the forest!
      That is when he contacted us. Not knowing what the hell we were
doing or what we were getting ourselves into, we began checking out
the area. Luckily for us, the homeowner near the spot allowed us to
camp on his private land which connects to the forest!
      Our first trip to this area was in July of 2009....Hot! Members
present were Steven, Sara, Tony, Ron, and Daryl. As we traveled
through the forest along a game path, we noticed an odd shape. We
found what could of been a footprint....it was unique in that had 2
large toes up top and another going off to the side.       
Horrible pictures of supposed footprint
And so we began casting the track.
       We thought we hit gold!...However, the track, after
drying showed no definitive features. There was also no
other similar tracks around. I truly believe that on that day,
our minds got the best of us. Still though, it was good to
explore the area. We also found some weird stick formations
along a trail we were following through the forest.