On December 4th, 2010, We investigated a home in ottumwa, Iowa. A family of
six were having a ton of activity in their home. alot of it seemed to be negative.
The family consisted of:
Father- 44 years old
Wife- 34 years old
2 daughters- Ages 12 and 3
2 Sons- Ages 7 and 3 months
They as well had a dog and three cats.
The very first day the family moved in there, a few of the family members heard
a woman say "Hello" several times from downstairs...as they went down to
check, there was no one around.
About one week after they moved in, the husband and wife had gone to bed
and were sound asleep. The wife woke up around 4 in the morning and seen a
dark hunched over figure coming towards her. As she screamed, it
disappeared. Right after that, they both smelled a very strange smell...almost
like the smell of a dead carcass.
The wife continually woke up at the same time every morning around 4 o
clock... She started seeing a shadow figure darting around...up and down the
stairs and such...
It then lead to voices being heard...A lot of mimiciking...one family member
would swear another was talking to the other...asking a question or such, and
no one else had said a thing...The voice they began hearing was what sounded
like a female...One time, the wife heard a woman upstairs humming and
walking around...She was the only one at home at the time...she stated that it
lasted a good 20-30 seconds...The children would often run into the parents
room asking them what they wanted when the parents never said anything...
Late one night, the wife was watching t.v. When she heard a loud bang...The
husband got up, because he heard it as well and thought she was on the
treadmill at 3 in the morning...as they were sitting down discussing it, they both
heard a growl in the same room as them...and the dog was outside...
A couple of friends and the husband were downstairs playing a board game.
They all of a sudden heard a thumping noise followed by a baby cry...The
husband took off upstairs, thinking it was one of the children...all asleep...this
happened several times that night...
The wife bought a voice recorder...her and a friend then started asking
questions...They asked how old are you?...It said 46...They then asked how
many of you are here...It said 7.
They had a Halloween party out in their old shed in 2008. One of the sons as
well as some friends were cold...they headed inside to get some warm
clothes...as they got inside, the son heard a man, in a growly voice say "I am
You". Right after that, one of the friends seen a dark shadow in one of the
nearby mirrors...The son was pale and shaking...
After that incident, the son started acting very differently. He was hitting the
girls and mom...telling them all to die. Shortly after hearing that voice, the boy
said he seen a black and white cat run under the bed...They did not have a cat
that resembled that color at that time...
The boy started hearing voices all the time and waking up in the middle of the
night from someone talking to him...the "Disappear Guy" he called him...
A cousin came over...A non-believer in the paranormal, to swim for a day...She
said that she thought she seen one of the boys come around the side of the
shed...blonde, blue eyes, and wearing knickers. She realized it was not the
son, nor anyone that should of been there...The boy has been seen by many of
them including people not living there...all describing him the same way.
The Wife and friend conducted a evp session...all of a sudden the smoke alarm
went off and what they said was a smell of "sulfur". After settling down, they
went over the recorder and at that time heard a voice say "Im the devil, Im
watching you devil"...And a child saying "Help me mommy, help".
A couple came to visit the family...The guest husband went outside to
smoke...as he was out there, he seen a blue glowing light with a tail attached
to it that sucked back into the ground. He was so freaked out he started
shaking and crying.
The homeowners parents stayed with them for several weeks...The
Grandfather one night, while everyone was gone, seen someone lurking around
the shed...he snuck out and ran around the shed...as he got around the corner,
a large black shadow came running at him...he jumped backwards and it
swooped over his head and vanished.
The Grandfather also was sleeping downstairs one night...he woke up to
someone grabbing his wrist...as he woke up, no one was there...he looked at
his watch and it said 0:00, he left the room and his watch read the correct time.