Return to Villisca
On September 2nd, 2011, Iowa Paranormal returned to the Villisca
Axe Murder House. Members present were: Steven, Amber, Patrick
and Tony. I had hosted a few tours there earlier in the year and had
some amazing things happen during those this video...
Unfortunately, this time around, we were not so lucky. As we were
setting up, we had many people stopping wanting to come inside. That
happened all night. Not only that, but some kids snuck up beside the
barn where we had HQ and threw fireworks at us. We also had to deal
with a football game a few blocks away that night. Then a lot of people
were stopping and taking pictures of the house during our
investigation. We had to ask all to leave. All that for almost 500.00
dollars. Needless to say, it was not worth our time this go around. It
will take alot of convincing from others to get me to go back there.
Really left a bad taste in my mouth. No evidence was captured that
night, however I will be posting videos of our investigation. For more
info on the house, visit