We got a call from a woman who was seeing some unusual things in her house. The Wife reported seeing a
woman with long black hair & a very petite build walking away from her as she woke up one night. The
grandmother stayed there one night and reported seeing a woman in an upstairs bedroom after being
awoken from her sleep by the blanket lifting up. Another report was the nephew was exiting the downstairs
bathroom and saw a black figure pass directly in front of him through the laundry room door. He was the only
one home at the time. There have also been reports of the dining room lights flickering constantly.
The Husband is skeptical, but worried for his wife, who is lacking sleep and constantly on edge and feels
like she is being watched.
On January 3rd 2009, we were asked to come and investigate. Members present were Steven, Amber,
Patrick, and Trent. We were asked to come in for just a few hours. Unfortunately it was a challenge only
having three hours to investigate. During the whole time we were there, there was constant noise pollution
and routine family activity downstairs. Our main focus for the time allotted was the second floor. There were
three bedrooms and one storage area.
We set up our equipment throughout the second floor and even had a camera going on the main floor.
Upstairs, we proceeded to have a period of silence to do some evp sessions with us rotating after so long
into each of the rooms.
Trent was the only member to have a personal experience. As he was in the east bedroom, he heard the
sound of some change on the bed shake(same bed grandmother felt blanket being pulled up). Afterwards,
he saw an antique rotating mirror move & a shadow dart out of the room directly afterwards.  Unfortunately
we weren't able to document these experiences on audio or video.
A EMF sweep was done throughout the house with no significant readings except in the dining room and the
kitchen areas. The wife reported a feeling of being watched from the dining room area where we discovered
a high concentration of EMF coming from the light fixture. We concluded this high EMF was due to faulty
wiring. As far as the Kitchen area, there was a small pantry that housed the electrical box. The EMF
readings were extremely high. These reading spread throughout the entirety of the kitchen.
In conclusion, we felt that the extremely high EMF readings were possible the cause of the anxiety and the
feelings of being watched by the mother.
It was a tough investigation to start off the new year. We were there for only three hours (8-11). We had many
obstacles and distractions that prevented us from doing our investigation to the fullest. But we worked with
what we could.
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