On Friday, November 13th, we did a investigation in Agency, Iowa. A family
had been having many separate strange experiences. The family moved into
the house in 2003.  The house was built in 1977.

Approx a year after the family had moved in, their middle child began seeing a
man walking the hallway.  Description of man in hallway:  Dark black or blue
winter style coat with a red hat.  Could not see his face.  

Lights, computers, tv's began blinking on and off.

Pictures have fallen off the wall for no known reason.  

The husband and wife both witnessed hangers in their closet swinging back
and forth forcefully on the rack with no wind present.  

Two youngest children have seen a man walking in the garage and in the
basement.  They have seen this man on different occasions without the other
ones knowledge and they both described the same thing.

Child #1: A man with Black Coat  walking past the garage window.  

Child#2:  A Man with a black shirt or coat with bigger hands.  He was standing
in the basement in front of the tv.  

Their oldest son tried to get in the laundry room in their basement and the
door was being forcefully held shut as if someone was pushing on it.  He
believed that one of his brothers was playing a joke on him but after pushing
back for sometime the door flung open and he went in. Once he was inside
the door flung closed and he realized no one else was in there.  

Keys and other items have come up missing and then find them in random
places they would never put them.

The Husbands things will come up missing such as checkbook, keys, phone,
ipod and then after searching, they will find them in the pockets of pants he is
wearing. He checks all pockets and they are not there at time of search and
then after awhile he checks and they are there.  

Both the son and Mother have had problems with their vehicles.  The wife was
driving and it felt as though the vehicle was lifted off the ground and set gently
back down.  Seconds after this, her van just died and it started back up.  She
then went a ways down the road for it to die again and it would not start.  No
problem with anything before hand.   After having a conversation about the
weird happenings, her Son left and tail pipe fell off van.  His keys came up
missing. Spare key broke in half.  The oldest son and next to oldest son was
driving in van and hit a white figure and hit hard enough to jolt the van.  No
appearance of damage was left on the van.  They described the figure as a
large fist size and long flowing tail..it was floating in mid air.  The Wifes' keys
have came up missing and are still no where to be found.   

The family have had numerous guests stay in their home that have witnessed
strange phenomenon. They have witnessed numerous things such as lights
flicking on and off, piano playing by itself, a little girl near the pantry, they have
heard yelping noises among many other random things.  The Wifes' mother in
law came to visit them back in 2004 and felt some type of presence in our
basement near the stairs.  
Throughout the night, we had little personal experiences. At one time, we
heard what we thought was one of our cables being picked up and
dropped. But it was out of sight on our cameras. Most of the claims we
were able to explain away. Some we couldn't. As I met up with the family
for the reveal, I explained how some of the activity could be due to some
natural reasons. They were very understanding. A great family. I recently
talked to the son and he stated that stuff is much better around the house