We were contacted by a local family who were having some strange occurances. A husband, wife, and
their four children all said they had personal experiences. Everything from hearing footsteps, doors
opening and closing, air conditioning getting messed with, and seeing a dark shadow. The wife was the
most frightened. She was even scared to go into her basement to do laundry by herself.
On January 24th 2009, we came in to do a investigation. Members present were Steven, Amber,
Patrick, and Tony. We set up Night Vision Cameras, a dvr camera system, 5 voice recorders, 2 ambiant
thermometers, everything we could to find out whats going on. Throughout the night, we never felt
anything or had any experiences. We did however go downstairs and throughout the whole entire
basement, EMF readings were off the charts. We have never seen them this high for such a constant
time and such a wide range. No evidence was captured this night. We did inform the homeowners of
their high EMF readings downstairs and they stated that they were having someone immediately come
in to fix the problem. They also stated they were going to have a man of the cloth come in and bless the
home as well.
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