We were contacted by a lady who was experiencing some strange occurrences in
her house. She wanted us to come in and try to validate anything that may happen.
The house was built by John Morrell in 1902. Some of the activity reported was
jewelery disappearing, a chair in the hallway upstairs moved to a room by itself,
deadbolt on the front door opened itself, lights going on and off, and her dog looking
up and barking at apparently nothing. So on April 27th, 2009 we came in to
investigate this beautiful house. Members present were Steven, Amber, Tony,
Patrick, Sam, and Daryl. A few personal experiences were seeing a strange light
floating around the 2nd floor hallway and seeing shadows out of the corners of our
eyes. We all agreed that the feeling in place was calm. After we concluded our
investigation, we went over our evidence and caught a remarkable evp. We had a
recorders sitting on a table at the divider that separated the stairs that went to the
second floor and the servant stairs that went down into the kitchen. No one was even
near the recorder at the time(11:30). What you will hear is what sounds like a man's
voice saying "Kill Them".

We had the  client listen to the evp before we even told her what it sounded like to us
and the first thing she said was "Kill Them".  She was a little disturbed, but was glad
it didn't say "Kill her". She had never felt threatened in the house and was fine with
what we found.
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