On August 1st, 2009, we had a investigation in Fairfield, Iowa. A Husband of a
family of four contacted us with having some unusual experiences. He would
hear a little girl giggling in his bedroom. One night in the basement, the
husband was sitting in a chair. He went to get up, but felt something putting
pressure on his chest and could not get up. Not too long later that night, a light
downstairs turned off by itself. Another night, the husband seen a dark
shadowy figure standing in the master bedroom. He as well heard what he
thought sounded like a evil laugh next to his head in his bedroom.
His wife began having experiences as well. She was having the feeling of
being touched by someone or something in bed. When she would look over,
her husband would be asleep. One night, when she was touched, the husband
as well had his foot pulled off the bed. Another night while laying in bed, the
husband had the feeling of someone walking up next to the bed. He tried to
kick it and it stopped. It then growled at him. Another night, the husband went
up to get a drink. He then thought he heard voices in the distance(which we
experienced as well!). He checked to see if it was his too daughters. They
were both asleep and the t.v.'s were off.
The wife has had many experience as well. She felt being held down in bed
one night. She then, she does not sleep without the lights on. Her mother won't
come to the house after feeling like something was there. Another time, the
wife heard something in the kitchen and then the floor creak. She looked back
at the t.v. And seen something behind her reflected in the t.v. That night, they
ended up staying at a super 8 from the incidents happening. She has as well
heard a growling at nights from her room.
The daughters have had experiences as well. The oldest daughter heard a
woman saying "hello" when there was no one else there. She then heard what
sounded like a male and female mumbling. She as well seen a dark shadow
down stairs in the middle of the day. She also felt tapping on her one night.
Her boyfriend as well was laying on the basement floor one night and got
kicked from a unseen presence.
The youngest daughter has felt something in the basement. She also states
that something turns her t.v. Off and on alot. She has heard knocking on the
front door and when she goes to open it, no one is there. She has heard
voices. Also heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen. When she went to
check it out, nothing was out of place.
The dogs have acted strange as well. Barking at what seems to be nothing
visible in front of them. The family did have the house blessed at one time.
They had previous experiences in their old home before moving to this one.
The husband stated their was nothing noted in the sales document on the new
house about it being haunted. The husband used to farm the land where the
house is now located. Some of the land too was the site of a dump.  
We arrived at the residence at 7:30. Members present were Steven, Daryl,
Trent, and Tony. Daryl did the interviews with each family member while the
rest of us set up the equipment.
We all had many experiences that night. At 2:50 a.m., I was sitting at the
table downstairs by myself. I felt a pressure upon my left leg. As I looked
up, I could see it getting darker around me. We had all the lights off, but
from the light that was casted from the moon, I could still have a small
source of light. All around me, the light began getting blacked out. Really that
heavy feeling was going on. Another time, while I was on the main floor, I
heard a female talking. It was in no way the wife or daughters. I could not
find the source anywhere! It was like it was coming from the walls.  Another
time, while the wife, Trent, and myself was at HQ I seen a small shadow
dart into the parents bedroom. I asked Trent to go in there and as he
entered he seen a small shadow go in front of the bed and just disappear.
Some of Trents experiences were as he was taking pictures downstairs, he
only had taken about 5 pictures and the batteries were completely drained.
A hour later, the same thing happened too his batteries in his voice recorder.
New batteries at the beginning of the investigation by the way. While Trent
and Daryl were in one of the daughters upstairs bedrooms, they both heard
a rustling noise and Daryl felt a heavy feeling. As Trent was in the basement
doing a EVP session, he laid on the floor on the spot where the boyfriend of
the daughter had been kicked, he felt a brush on his arm as if something
was walking by him.
Some of Tony's experiences included were when he was in the basement by
the pool table, he felt a major cold chill. He broke out in goose bumps. Later
in the night, as he was back in the basement, he was only there for a few
moments and felt very ill. He immediately had to go outside and get some
fresh air. Also during the night, Tony was sitting at the top of the stairs and
hear a female say a 3 word phrase, but could not make out what it was
Trent was downstairs at the table doing a EVP session. He ask "Tell me why
your hear". You then hear a what seems to be a breath of someone or

At that same time, Trent says "Slide one of these chairs out for me". A short
time later after he says "It's just the two of us down here". You hear a knock
to which he informed us that it was one of the chairs around the table that
moved on it's own.

Trent also says "Talk to me". A few seconds later, you hear what sounds
like a growl.