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Iowa Paranormal Bigfoot Sighting Submission Form
Have you had a Bigfoot sighting here in Iowa? Found large foot prints that you
cannot explain? We recieve many reports here in the Hawkeye State!...Sightings
have ranged from the Loess Hills in western Iowa over to the Racoon River and
the Des Moines River in south east Iowa...and more! Thank you for taking the
time to submit your sighting to us. Fill out the information below to the best of your
knowledge. Your name, email address and phone number will not be published. If
able and with the proper permission, we would like the chance to investigate each
and every case if legally able(permission on private property, etc.). With the latest
state of the art equipment, and a dedication to find the truth, trust the Iowa
Paranormal Bigfoot Research Team to help you in a timely and professional
matter. You can also send your story to