Do you have a Bigfoot story? Have you had a experience?
Iowa has had a long history of Bigfoot sightings. Some even
date back to the late 1800's. Iowa Paranormal, Iowa's Bigfoot
Hunters, have been exploring some of the most active places
here in Iowa. Whether its walking through some of the dense
forest in 110 degree weather or stomping through the snow,
we are Iowa's #1 source for everything Bigfoot here in Iowa! If
you have a sighting, let us know. You can either send us a
email, call us, or we can even come to the location and do a
investigation if possible(and legal). Over the course of time, we
will be uploading Bigfoot cases here in Iowa. Any reports that
come our way will be online as long as all parties are willing.
With the latest high tech gear, we can come and help try to
solve what may be lurking around. We want to show the
people who think that Iowa does not hold enough secluded
wilderness that the possibility of Bigfoot in Iowa is possible.
We will also be uploading videos of our excursions and any
possible evidence we may find. We hope you all enjoy and
please remember to share your stories!
Iowa Paranormal Bigfoot Cases
Bigfoot sightings in Fox Hills- Agency, Iowa
Logging company spots Bigfoot track in Loess Hills
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