On Saturday January 11th, 2014 Iowa Paranormal conducted its first
investigation of 2014! We were contacted by a mother who was concerned about
the activity that was going on in her daughters home.
  The claims were of seeing shadows, knocking sounds, and even footsteps
throughout the house. The daughter has even been scratched on two seperate
occasions...once on the leg and another on the stomach. Several other people
who have been in the home have experienced strange things as well.
  The mother feels as though the ghost is a male, due to the research she has
done. She felt as though the spirit was that of "Elmer", who did in fact live in the
home. He was said to have worked at a factory on the adjacent property which
was reported as a Fertilizer Factory. The factory actually built the home, along
with two identical others, which are on each side of this home. "Elmer" was
known as a very grumpy man, and seemed to keep to himself and was not a kind
person. Records show that he passed away in the home in 1980.
  Another name that was linked to the property was said to be "Chic". He was a
local realtor, known as a "shady guy" and was also said to be Elmers son in law.
We were not, however, able to confirm or deny this report.
 The current owner; the daughter, has lived in the home for 5 years. (One
interesting note: The year prior of her moving in, the house changed hands three
times in a 14 month span.) She resides in the home with her boyfriend. The
daughter, since living there, has expeienced a lot of bad luck since moving in.
She agrees that there are things happening in the home, but does not however,
feel threatened.
  The mother was the one who contacted us. She felt that ever since her
daugther moved in, that she has changed into a more negative person. Mix that in
with the reports of activity in the home and the mother was very concerned for her
  We are currently going over evidence. Stay tuned to see what we may have