home. It is said that the small divots in the stone floors of the sun room were created by the legs of the This
house was built in 1895. Throughout the years, the house was not only a private home, but a nursing
patient's beds. The house contains a open staircase, carved woodwork, pocket doors, several fireplaces,
thick brick walls, a quaint attic, a full basement, and a back stairway leading to the kitchen. On January 16th
2009, we were asked to come in to investigate the place. Many employees have had experiences there.
Many have heard distinct footsteps when they absolutely knew no one else was in the house. One
employee got pushed from behind while she was going downstairs. The business also has a hat room.
Hat's were often moved under beds without anyone touching them. We even talked to a girl who once lived
there and stated that she had many experiences which included unexplained footsteps and seeing a dark
shadow downstairs. We arrived at the location at 6:30 p.m. Members present were Steven, Amber, Patrick,
Tony, Trent, and Sam. We had night vision cameras set up on every floor of the house. We did a EMF
sweep of the entire house with no significant readings from anywhere. Throughout the night however, we all
had many personal experiences. All four males there each felt they were touched by a unseen presence
there. As the group was heading upstairs from the basement, we all heard a very loud crash. It came from
right behind Tony as he was the last one up. We looked around, but seen nothing on the floor that could of
made that sound. There was however, a big metal star hanging on the wall. We pushed it a little and sure
enough when it goes away from the wall and swings back and hits it, it made that same sound. When the
whole group was upstairs doing a evp session, Steven and Amber distinctly heard a female humming. We
have the video of us reacting to it, but you cannot hear the humming however. The place felt very heavy at
times. Once the investigation was finished, we headed home, slept, and went to going over the evidence.
We did capture a few odd things. This first clip is in the nursery room upstairs. We had a voice recorder set
stationary in there. About 7:18 p.m., Trent and Amber are on the second floor. As they walk by the room, we
caught what seems to be a man's voice saying "Get Out".
About three minutes later, Trent and Amber enter the room. Amber says "I keep hearing a girl, Is that
Sam?. Trent then responds by saying "Uh-huh". Amber then says "k".  A few seconds later, it sounds
like the same man's voice saying "No".
This video clip we captured was taken in the boiler room downstairs at about 9:30 p.m. Everyone was
accounted for as we were all on the upstairs floor doing a evp session. What you will hear are some
footsteps walking up to the camera, followed by a very weird and creepy clip. What could it be?.
It seems to be someone or something go through the camera or hitting the camera. As the screen goes
black, you hear a strange noise. Some members thought it could be a hammer hitting metal sound and
some thought it sounded like a gunshot.
Later on that evening, we had a camera at the end of the hallway shooting down it on the second
floor. We were all downstairs at the time doing a evp session. You will hear what sounds like
something being slid across a floor and then stops. There were so many antiques there, and we
didn't capture until going over the evidence, so it's difficult to say what it may be.
Our overall feelings of the place, with all the personal experiences, along with the evidence we
caught, we 100% believe the place to be haunted. We plan on returning there later this year to
do another overnight there.

Update: Shortly after our investigation there, we were contacted by the
employees there with a interesting video. It was caught on one of their
security cameras inside at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Only one person
was in the building at the time. You see on the video a bunch of shelves
that are filled with antiques. All of a sudden you see them start to shake
in our power to recreate that. NOTHING! The walls were sturdy as could
be. No truck or semi going by even causes any disturbance. NOTHING!
They have the video saved and as soon as we get a copy, we will post it
on here for you all to be the judge.