2017 Iowa Paranormal Upcoming Events and Investigations
      2017 promises to be a huge year for Iowa Paranormal. First,
we are currently in the works of scheduling our own investigation at
the Missouri State Penitentiary!!!

      We also plan to return to Edinburgh Manor. It will be
Samantha and Sarah's first time there, so we are excited to see if
they experience some of the craziness that we have there!

      And without question, we will be returning to thee most
haunted location i have ever been too...The Farrar Schoolhouse!


Another location we will be going to is a relatively new spot here in
Iowa. The Malvern Manor!


      These are just a few of the locations we will be going to this
year. Besides the private residences that will come up, we are
also working on a major location...If it happens, it will be the
largest location by far that we have ever done! Stay tuned!